Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Bad Reviews about Marriage Agencies

The opportunities offered by marriage agencies might seem exciting, giving you hope that you might find your perfect partner there. However, if you choose an agency and look for reviews to make sure it’s legit, you’re bound to stumble upon negative reviews. That might be discouraging. How much should you trust them, though? There is a list of top three reasons why you should evaluate these reviews thoughtfully before deeming them valid:

  • The majority of bad reviews come from men who broke the agency’s rules and were banned;
  • Failure in a developing relationship often angers men and makes them accuse the agency;
  • If the agency replies to complaints, it is most likely legit, meaning that bad reviews are caused by personal factors that are usually addressed in replies.

Men Who Break the Rules

If you’re looking at the bad reviews for marriage agencies, you’re almost guaranteed to see the complaints that the agency is scam, that it doesn’t provide you with a phone number of a girl you’re interested in, or that you’ll be blocked after spending money on accessing the women’s profiles and talking to them. So, what’s up with that?

Each agency provides you with a set of rules that you must study if you want to become and remain its client. The majority of these rules are identical in every agency. The first one is that they don’t provide you with personal details of the girls. Marriage agency is not a meat market and if the girl isn’t interested in you or doesn’t know you, no one will give away her number. If you start writing obscenities or vulgar sexual fantasies no one asked for, you’ll be blocked. All these rules are specified beforehand, so just study them carefully and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Failing in Dating

Some men write negative reviews as they fail in the relationship with the girl. You have to remember that marriage agencies can’t give you a 100% guarantee of success. You might still end up with your heart broken and only the human factor is at fault here.

Replying to Complaints

The agencies often reply to complaints. By studying their replies, you’ll see whether the complaint is valid. If someone was blocked after the agency found out about their married status, the agency itself can’t really be blamed.

Check the reviews by yourself and never trust them blindly. This way, you’ll be able to find a great agency. Follow their rules and you might end up with your perfect bride.

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