Top Five Problems That Might Worry the Girls Who Turn to Marriage Agencies

Finding a partner or even a husband abroad is a dream of many women who are sick of being alone or of the men of their countries being insensitive and uncaring. Many women are dissatisfied and so they turn to marriage agencies in the hope to meet someone worthy. However, they might be worried about the peculiarities of their chosen marriage agency or about marriage agencies in general.

Here’s the list of top five problems that women who use marriage agencies are concerned about:

  • They’re worried about being misled;
  • They are wary of becoming victims of sex slavery;
  • They worry about never finding a partner;
  • They’re scared of being discriminated due to being too old, divorced, or with children;
  • They are concerned about the security of their private information.

Being Misled

Scamming is not something that only men are worried about. Women are also concerned about it as marriage agencies are interested in getting them to meet male clients. This way, they can pressure a woman into meeting someone she isn’t interested in. They can also lie about the man’s issues with the law, thus misleading the woman and setting her up with someone she’d never have chosen otherwise.

Ultimately, though, the first meeting isn’t dangerous provided that it happens in a public place, and after talking to a man and checking his personal information later, the woman will be able to make an informed decision.

Victims of Sex Slavery

Some agencies might offer to set up a meeting in another country, and when the woman travels there, she might be pulled into a human trafficking ring. Naturally, it’s a big reason for concern. However, if women check the reputation of the agency carefully and don’t agree to travel to foreign countries without even knowing the man, taking elementary security measures, the danger of sex slavery is non-existent.

Never Finding a Partner

One of the biggest fears of the girls is that they won’t be able to find anyone. Unfortunately, this concern is valid as no agency can guarantee 100% success. Still, if a girl adds a lot of photos and detailed description, chances are, she’ll find a partner eventually.


Many women worry about the agency denying them due to their age or divorced status. While some agencies might do that, the majority won’t. Women of all ages can join and they actually have more chances of finding a genuine partner who’ll want to marry them.


Women worry about the safety of photos and personal information they provide. Some agencies may sell them to the black market, including their phone number and home address. To prevent that, it’s important to check the reputation of the agency thoroughly.

Therefore, the majority of women’s concerns can be successfully alleviated.

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