Top 10 Fears Preventing People From Using Marriage Agencies

Despite the long history of matchmaking, many people are skeptical about such services, accusing marriage agencies of exploiting their clients’ fears and desperation. Here are ten common falsehoods exposed.

1. Marriage Agencies Only Care about Money

This is true for unscrupulous firms offering fake candidates despite sizeable membership rates. However, any type of business can be exploited by scammers, and you will avoid such schemes by being sensible. Check the agency’s reputation and read clients feedback.

2. Marriage Agencies Are For Losers

This is false, as the services are used by people too busy to look for potential soulmates. These include successful business people and even celebrities. American and European men use agencies to connect to Russian or Ukrainian women, who are known for their beauty and caring nature.

3. Marriage Agencies Are Ineffective

It depends on your definition of effectiveness. No agency is obliged to find you a perfect spouse, but it will connect you to many statistically compatible people sharing your interests and views on life. Whether any of the matches lead to marriage depends on you and your partner.

4. Marriage Agencies Connect You to Scammers

Again, this depends on the firm, as a reputable agency will verify every single profile to exclude such undesirable candidates. Besides, as you pay for the services, you are more likely to bump into a scammer on a free dating app.  

5. Marriage Agencies Will Not Help If I Cannot Find A Partner Myself

Naturally, an agency will not change your appearance or social status, but it will connect you to people with a similar worldview – those who value and look for the same things as you. A matchmaker will also point out your common interests or shared traits – something you can use to start and develop the conversation. Some agencies may also offer guidance to help you hone your communication skills.

6. Marriage Agencies Are Expensive

Not necessarily. Rates vary, and you will probably have different membership options, so do some preliminary research.

7. Dating Agencies Steal Personal Information

The advice here is nothing surprising – read the terms and conditions carefully. Some agencies will protect confidentiality, while others openly admit providing data to third parties.

8. There Is too Much Negative Feedback

It is unfair to generalize, as you need to consider each agency separately. It is natural for people to voice negative opinions, rather than share their joy in public. Besides, an online review is a field known to include false information spread by competitors.

9. Using A Marriage Agency Is Shameful

This view is extremely outdated in the age when the source of online dating is so prevalent. Marriage agencies enable family-oriented people to find their match without the hassle of endless swiping on spam-filled sites and apps. There is nothing shameful in being too busy to look for a soulmate the old-fashioned way.

10. Women Only Look For Money

This is no universal rule, and such stereotype could apply to any method of matchmaking. With hundreds of candidates in an agency’s database, you will have the opportunity to find someone attracted to your personality, rather than your wallet.

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