Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Is There Any Connection with Scamming Marriage Agencies?

If you’re interested in becoming a client of a marriage agency or if you’re simply curious, you’ve probably heard several horror stories. Some of the most chilling ones include the accusations of human trafficking and modern slavery. So, do scam marriage agencies really engage in such activities? Is there any truth in these stories?

Unfortunately, yes. However, they are in no way an indication that all or even the majority of marriage agencies are like that. There are three main ways in which certain scamming agencies might enforce human trafficking, so you should know about them to know what to look out for:

  • Some agencies abuse the naivety of the girls who turn to them and ship them to other countries under the pretense of them meeting their potential partner, forcing them to be prostitutes instead;
  • Some agencies deliberately mislead the girls and arrange ‘romantic tours’ with a man who expects to have sex with them, and even if the girl protests, it might not always help;
  • Another type of scamming agencies sell the girls’ contact details to men, thus engendering them, or make them take nude photos and then sell or threaten to do that.

Human Trafficking

Sadly, there’re still naïve girls who might trust the first marriage agency they find and join it, not knowing how dangerous it is. The statistics point out that scamming type of agencies might offer their girls to meet a man they like in another country, assuring them that travel expenses are paid for. The girl happily agrees, but instead of seeing a potential husband waiting with a bouquet, the address she was given leads her to a trafficking den where she’ll be turned into a prostitute and not allowed to go home.

Romantic Tours

Romantic tours might be just that, a romantic adventure for two people who met through a marriage agency and liked each other. However, scamming agencies might take a lot of money from the man, assuring him that the girl will have sex with him, and then throw them together. If the man is decent, he’ll back off as soon as he sees that his partner is terrified. If not, then rape is one of the most probable outcomes.

Selling Photos and Info

Some agencies break their promise of privacy and sell the photos, the phone number, and even the address of the girls to men. It heightens the risk of sex slavery, stalking, and rape. Other scammers might entice their girl clients to make nude photos, claiming that their chances of finding a partner will increase, and then sell them or use them to blackmail the girls into further sexual activities.

Thus, there is definitely some truth in the notion that some marriage agencies engage in darkest activities. However, with many credible agencies filling the first pages of search results, it’s pretty difficult to find that one agency that enforces slavery.

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