Marriage Agency: A Path To True Love or A Money-Making Scam?

Today, dating sites and marriage agencies both receive their share of criticism. Even the most popular dating apps are infiltrated by scammers and spam. They distort our perception of compatibility by stressing the importance of appearance, and we get too consumed by swiping to even read any profile information.

Marriage agencies represent the conventional matchmaking that reinvented itself in the digital age. Decades ago, you would need to visit the agency’s office to flip through candidate’s photos, but now it is all done remotely. However, just like dating apps, marriage agencies are often accused of exploiting their users, making money on their desire to find a soulmate. How much of this is true?

Do Marriage Agencies Only Care About Money?

First of all, such negative opinions are often expressed by people who have failed to achieve their goal even with the help of an agency. However, one should be sensible enough to consider the actual causes of such outrage. Surely, matchmaking is a business, and it must return profits in order for the firm to survive.

Matchmakers are employees who do the job of providing you with compatible candidates, which does require some effort. Truly credible matchmaking, therefore, cannot be entirely free. Unscrupulous matchmakers play on human longing for connection, setting exorbitant rates for a single phone number, while the candidates are fake. However, you can avoid scams by using your common sense. What is crucial here is to check the agency’s reputation and success record, which is easy since client feedback is available online.

Why Don’t Marriage Agencies Find Spouses For Every Client?

This is a fallacy. No agency is bound to find you a spouse, and you cannot sue it for failure. In essence, it is an intermediary increasing your chances of connecting to the right person. Imagine chatting up a random stranger in a public place. You would need time to understand if there is anything in common. Looks are not everything, and what a marriage agency will do is connect you to statistically compatible people who are also willing to start a family.

It is obvious that true love and human chemistry, in general, are irrational, it is something even the most powerful computer cannot predict accurately. A matchmaker will analyze your psychological profile and preferences and provide the best matches available – people sharing your values and interests.

However, it is up to you to take any subsequent steps. Given the hectic pace of modern urban life, we are so isolated from each other that it is unthinkable to find many like-minded people without assistance. This is exactly what marriage agencies are for. In addition, marriage agencies must not be viewed as the last resort for miserable loners who fail to attract anybody.

Thousands of American and European men use agencies to find Russian or Ukrainian wives known for their beauty and caring nature. Finding true love takes effort and patience, but marriage agencies can speed up this quest.

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