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The town of Wetzlar is located in the federal state of Hesse and belongs to the administrative region of Giessen. The population is appropriately 51,000.

If you are a local from Wetzlar or the greater region of Wetzlar looking for ways to help refugees, please check out the page Helping refugees in Wetzlar.


The refugee facility in Wetzlar is located at Spilburg, former military barracks at the eastern border of Wetzlar.

Activity Time Table

Activity Time Table for Wetzlar
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 Welcome Café in Tafelladen
14:00 Welcome Café in Gnadenkirche (Mothers and Children) Welcome Café in Tafelladen (Families) Welcome Café in Dom-Gemeindehaus 15:00 Welcome Café in Gertrudishaus (Mothers and their Children) *Welcome Café in Tafelladen (Families);

Welcome Café in Freie evangelische Gemeinde (Families)

18:00 19:00 Welcome Café in Königsberger Diakonie (Men and Women) 19:00 Welcome Café in Haus der Kirche und Diakonie (Men)

(As of 23.09.2015 - Welcome Café Timetable)

Social Activities

Welcome Café

The Welcome Café Wetzlar is organized by the Evangelische Gemeinde Wetzlar (Protestant Church in Wetzlar) and takes place on Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in different locations in Wetzlar. See Activity Time Table for details.


Calisthenics Wetzlar have a free workout for everybody who wants to join - REFUGEES WELCOME. Whatever ethnic group you belong to, or whatever you believe in - everybody's the same here. Come and join in.