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Logo of Wefugee, community without borders

Wefugee, community without borders is an internet platform for refugees, volunteer supporters and organizations that are actively involved in helping refugees or would like to be. The information, arranged in the form of questions and answers, is properly organized into different categories and can always be retrieved using the search engine. The goal is to create an online community where members can help each other; trying to support refugees’ integration by giving answers to any questions they have. In addition, the team works together with a wide range of contributors and experts from different fields (asylum proceedings, legal issues, education, accommodation, international aid, etc.) capable of solving any issues refugees might have.
The project is sponsored by Enabee GmbH who provides the community software. Enabee builds SaaS customer communities that allow companies to launch and manage their own community platform. The project manager is Cornelia Röper, who is also the COO of Enabee.
Also, organizations whose work is focused on providing information and supporting refugees are always more than welcome to contribute to the Wefugee platform.

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