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Marburg is a town located in Hesse and not far away from Giessen or Wetzlar.


The refugee facility in Marburg is located in the Marburg-Cappel neigbourhood. It is affiliated to the Hessische Erstaufnahme-Einrichtung (HEAE) and was opened in July 2015 as a temporary emergency shelter. In late September 2015, construction work has begun to make the facility winterproof and also more permanent. Six residential and three management buildings are planned (Source).


Every Thursday you are invited to join the Cafe Refugium in Marburg youth hostel (Jugendherberge).

هلا وسهلا بكم.
تدعوكم شتات ماربورغ كل يوم خميس الساعة الثالثة لشرب القهوة وتناول الحلوى (Kuchen).
ومن أجل مساعدتكم على الأندماج وتعلم اللغة الالمانية بسرعة وبناء علاقات أجتماعية قوية.
وذلك في القهوة الموجودة في هذا العنوان أدناه.
Jugendherberge Marburg
Jahnstraße 1 مقابل معلب الجامعة.
نحن سنكون سعداء بحضوركم 😊

See also their Facebook event:


There is a map available to help you find the most important places in Marburg-Cappel and Marburg in general, like a supermarket, pharmacy, bus stations, infopoint, playgrounds and so on. Refugee Map Marburg-Cappel