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Great! Thank you for visiting the How to help? page :)

There are many ways to help refugees on their way or to get involved in refugeewiki|get involved in refugeewiki itself.

General information put together by Pro Asyl:

  • Wie man sich für Flüchtlinge engagieren kann (PDF)

Learn how to teach german

SAP provides a free online training for helpers that will teach german Auch du kannst das. Deutsch für Asylbewerber. Ehrenamtlich.

Get involved in local projects

You can find information on these pages:

You can also contact local projects you find on this page, look them up on Social media or on these Project maps.

Further local projects are linked on the pages for other towns and cities.

Scientists who are refugees can contact local scientists, academics and students via a platform provided by the university of Leipzig Chance-for-Science

Further temporary initiatives

December 2015: Physik im Advent, the DPG ask for volunteers to support young refugees in physical experiments during advent. Easy registration as helpers directly on the website.

Refugees fleeing their country

Many organisations support refugees en route to Europe and its borders. And here experienced helpers and financial donations are required above all.

Taking in refugees

There are legal opportunities to take in refugees, or rent them a flat on a permanent basis.
But there are a few bureaucratic obstacles - these websites can help:

Preventing deportations

If after seeking asylum people are threatened with deportation, good advice is needed first of all.


Financial and other types of donations make the work of aid organisations possible in the first place. 

Get involved in refugeewiki

Thank you for helping refugeewiki!