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RefugeeWiki is an open platform for everyone to share valuable information for refugees, organizations and volunteers. Our goal is to get as much information out there to the people searching for it - we can worry about putting it in a nice order and a pretty design later.

All information on this page is under creative commons license! This means all info put on refugeewiki can be reviewed and edited by anyone and you can copy all text, images and links collected here and use them on your own website or share them via your Social media channels.

Spread information on Social media

Help us extend our range by retweeting, liking and sharing our contents on Facebook and Twitter!
Our channels are:

Collect valuable information

Refugeewiki is a platform for all kinds of refugee-related information.
Please add any information you think is relevant to the topic or practical for refugees and volunteers. You can always send info by mail if you can't add it to the website, yourself.

Create an account

You can create an account for refugeewiki yourself. It's 100% free and anonymous - all you need is an e-mail address to verify your account. Your e-mail address can only be seen by our trusted administrators and will never become public.
We know that there are good reasons not to want your full name stated in public when it comes to refugee related topics. Please feel free to use an alias if you want to protect your identity.

Become an author on refugeewiki

Don't worry - writing things on refugeewiki is easy and you will be ready to go in under 30 minutes, even if you have never used wiki-syntax before. Check out our Getting started-Page to get up and running.