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A wiki is a kind of online notebook with a very simple way of editing and creating new pages. Most importantly: everyone can be a part of it!

This page gives a very quick introduction on how to start new pages and on formatting text. More information can be found here:

YouTube Tutorials get you started in no-time!

Start a new page

You need to be logged in to start or edit pages!
There are many ways to start a new page on refugeewiki:

  • Enter the title of the new page in the 'Search' function in the top-right of the page
    • this way you get a list of existing similar pages. Now you can either edit one of the existing pages or follow the Create the page "Your Title"-link.
  • Create a link with the title of the new page
  • Follow a link to a page that does not exist yet

All options will take you to a new page in the editor view - That's it, you can start creating a new page. Read the next section on how to input text in a wiki.

To edit an existing page, use the Edit link in the top-right of the page.

Formatting text

If you write text for a wiki-page, you can use a very simple way of formatting. This section will only cover very basic formatting rules. Use the search on to find more advanced syntax e.g. vor creating tables, images etc.

The Editor

If you are creating or editing a wiki-page, you see a large text-panel with a number of buttons on the top-left.
These buttons can be used to quick-edit marked text or to input standard bits of syntax. Move your cursor over the buttons to see what they do.


Headings are marked with = signs before and after the heading-text.

== Heading 1 ==

=== Heading 2 ===

==== Heading 3 ====


Different kinds of links can be used in this wiki:


  • bold: '''text''' creates this -> text
  • italic: ''text'' creates this -> text


you can use * to create unordered lists and # to create ordered lists:

wikitext rendering
* Lists are easy to do:
** start every line
* with a star
** more stars mean
*** deeper levels
  • Lists are easy to do:
    • start every line
  • with a star
    • more stars mean
      • deeper levels
# Numbered lists are good
## very organized
## easy to follow
  1. Numbered lists are good
    1. very organized
    2. easy to follow

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