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To help refugees in Gießen please contact the local projects below or find more information on how to help

Giessen or Gießen as it is spelt in German (German pronunciation: [ˈɡiːsən]) is a town in the German federal state (Bundesland). Hessen, capital of both the district of Gießen and the administrative region of Gießen. The population is approximately 78,000, with roughly 24,000 university students.

If you are a local from Gießen or the greater region of Gießen looking for ways to help refugees, please check out the page Helping refugees in Gießen. Many information can be found on the Facebook page ASYL Gießen - also a great place to get in touch with local volunteers.

official information websites:

All projects and organizations in Gießen


Refugees arriving in Germany get send to one of the 16 States. Everyone who is send to Hessen will first have to register in the Registration Facility of Hesse, "Hessische Erstaufnahme-Einrichtung (HEAE)" in Gießen.

There are currently two refugee homes in Gießen, one located near the main train station on Meisenbornweg and another one in an old US Army Facility outside the city.


The Location of the registration facility in Hessen is the first place for refugees who are sent to Hessen.

local volunteers can contact the DRK Gießen to help at the camp.


Get Help in Gießen

Legal Support

Refugee Law Clinic Gießen

Medical Aid

Medinetz Gießen guarantees anonymous treatment for people without papers. As we are directly cooperating with medical doctors the consultation will be free of charge. In particular cases financial support for further charges (i.e. medication) may be provided. Website

Hebammenschülerinnen helfen - Midwifes in training from Gießen offer free support and advice to pregnant women and young mothers.
Please contact for personal support:

Sara Taherie, Madeleine Möller

Tel: 0151-61306059
Mail: [email protected]

Getting Information

Diakonie Gießen helps refugees under and over 18years, pregnant woman and everyone with asyl questions without a appointment it's open friday from 8:30–12:00 Uhr.

On Mondays and Tuesdays the initiative can help you with all kinds of questions in their office in Schottstraße 5.

Spiritual Support

The protestant churches of Gießen offer pastoral care. find out more on their website.

Practical Information

Free Wifi

German Courses

The Café Hope offers German language courses at for beginners and advanced learners.

The refugee support group offers German courses three days a week.

ZIB Language School offers a free German Course starting in September 2015.

Social Activities

Café Hope Gießen is a place for Refugees and Locals to meet and enjoy a good time together. The Café is organized by the Free protestant Community "Freie evangelische Gemeinde". They also offer German Courses.

Every Monday, the people from have a free evening for locals and refugees in Schottstrasse 5 in Gießen. Check out for cooking events, excursions, guided tours and many other activities.


The group organizes soccer matches and rugby games twice a week at the Lahn-meadow.

Also check out Calisthenics Wetzlar for a free-for-all outdoor workout in Wetzlar

Get Clothes, Toys and other Goods

The German Red Cross Gießen "Rotes Kreuz" gives out good and cheap clothes at the Kleiderladen

Caritas Gießen sells for little money second hand clothes at the Anziehpunkt.

The Jugendwerkstatt Gießen sells second hand clothes, furniture and many other things including bicycles at low prices.

The Umsonstladen offers clothes and other stuff for free.

Activity Time Table

Activity Time Table for Gießen
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 German Course for women (with childcare) German Course German Course
12:00 Individual Support
16:00 German Course
17:00 German Course (beginner)
17:00 German Course (beginner) 17:00 German Course (beginner) 17:00 German Course (advanced) 15:30 Rugby
18:00 Get Together Individual Support Football

Other Organizations