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Skyline of Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt Main Airport
Find Information on Refugee Aid in Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt am Main is one of Germany's major cities. Not to be confused with Frankfurt an der Oder which is next to Poland. A couple of refugee camps are located in Frankfurt. Frankfurt's welfare and ecclesiastical organisations are specialised in taking care of unaccompanied minor refugees (unbegleitete Minderjährige Flüchtlingen (umF)).

Refugees in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)

Many refugees arrive in Frankfurt or cross Frankfurt am Main train station on their way to other cities in Germany.
To assist and welcome refugees on the main train station, a camp was built in the station on platform 23.

Getting Help in Frankfurt am Main

Welcome to Frankfurt Guide by "Soziale Arbeit transnational" FRA-UAS

Medical Help

Legal Advice

Frankfurter Rechtshilfe-Komitee für Ausländer
Tuesdays 18:00-20:00 Uhr in der Christuskirche
every Tuesday 18:00-20:00 in the church "Christuskirche"
Beethovenplatz, Eingang am Turm/ entrance at the church tower
(U6/U7 Haltestelle Westend oder U4 Haltestelle Bockenheimer Warte)
(Metro/Subway/Underground: U6/U7 station "Westend" or U6/U7/U4 station "Bockenheimer Warte" - "Bockenheimer Warte" is nearer than "Westend"; Tram 16 station "Bockenheimer Warte" or Tram 16 + 17 "Varrentrapstraße"; the busses No. 32, 36, 50 and 75 also stop at "Bockenheimer Warte")

Frankfurter Rechtshilfekomitee für Ausländer e.V.
c/o Evangelische Studentengemeinde
Siolistraße 7
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Asylum Support

Amnesty International Frankfurt
Advice for asylum seekers in Germany: Wednesday, 18:00 - 20:00.
Leipziger Str. 17
60487 Frankfurt am Main
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Recognition of your qualifications

berami berufliche Integration e. V.
Burgstrasse 106
60389 Frankfurt
Tel. 069 - 91 30 10-0
Fax 069 - 91 30 10 33

Times for open consulting by berami e. V.
Agentur für Arbeit Frankfurt
Fischerfeldstrasse 10-12
Raum/room 2.304 (2. Stock/2nd floor)
dienstags, mitwochs, freitags von 9:00 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr und donnerstags von 14:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 - 12:00, Thursday 14:00 - to 17:30

The social workers at berami will give you information and help you to get your qualifications from school/ university or your period of training officially recognized. This is very important for you if you are looking for a job or further education in Germany.

Organizations in Frankfurt am Main

Welcome Frankfurt

Frankfurt hilft!

Official municipal website for refugee helpers:

Contact: Dilek Akkaya & Anita Heise
  • Phone: 069 / 680 97 – 350
  • [email protected]

Teachers on the Road

Lessons, support, immediate help, integration
German lessons (often in refugee homes), coaching, help in cases of emergency, integration

  • [email protected],
  • 0173/8315758

Netzwerk Konkrete Solidarität

Homeless refugees FFM

Immediate help
Help for homeless refugees in Frankfurt/ emergency cases

Frankfurt am Main refugee aid

Facebook page:

Practical Information

Free Wifi

The local group called Freifunk is working on providing free wireless (WiFi) Internet access for refugee camps. Check out the map.

Taking part in cultural life in Frankfurt

Kulturpass/Culture card

If you are a registrated refugee at Frankfurt and are receiving financial help from the district (city), you can get the "culture card" (in German: Kulturpass).
You should have an official paper from the commune of Frankfurt that says you get "Leistungen nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz" - please ask the local helpers in your refugee home if this applies to you.
The culture card costs €1.00 (children up to 12 years €0.50) and is valid for one year. With this card the entry fees are drastically educed in many museums and for a lot of other cultural events like theatre, concerts and so on in Frankfurt.
In most of the museums they charge only €1.00 (children half proce) as the entry fee and theatres sell remaining tickets for a show for €1.00 to €3.00 at the box office.
(Information for all refugees who speak English: there is an English Theatre in Frankfurt - they charge only €1.00 for remaining tickets if you have a culture card [Kulturpass]). In some venues entry is even free for people with the culture card "Kulturpass".
For more information look here: (Please ask locals to help you to get it.)


Every last Saturday in a month several museums in Frankfurt offer free entry to everyone. Some of them have an extra programme for children and families on this day. More information here: