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Dortmund is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Germany. The population is approximately 575,000 which makes it the 8th biggest City of Germany and the largest City of the Ruhr Area. Dortmund has two Universities with a total of 49,000 students.

If you are a local from Dortmund or the greater region of Dortmund looking for ways to help refugees, please check out the page Helping refugees in Dortmund.


  • District Brackel: ~270 refugees, AWO Dortmund
  • District Eving: ~ 160 refugees, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Oestliches Ruhrgebiet
  • District Hombruch: ~300 refugees, EHC GmbH
  • District Hörde: ~ 100 refugees, Diakonisches Werk
  • District Hörde (Haus Husen): ~180 refugees, EHC GmbH
  • District City (East): ~ 120 refugees, Caritas
  • District City (west): ~ 120 refugees, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Dienstleistungen
  • District Lütgendortmund: ~350 refugees, EHC GmbH
  • District Scharnhorst: ~57 refugees, DRK

Plus several mobile facilities as well as emergency shelters. More Facilties are planned or under construction.

Get help here

Medical help

The Organisation "Flüchtlingshilfe Castrop-Rauxel" published useful information when in need for medical help: Flüchtlingshilfe Castrop-Rauxel: Medical Help Includes a list and a map collecting doctors that are able to speak your language.

The network Medibüro offers free consultation hours:

Medinetz Dortmund - A local group of Medibüro
Rheinische Straße 22 - Entry from Friedrichsstraße. (See on Map)
44137 Dortmund
[email protected]

You can use this service even when you don't have any papers. The consultation hour is offered every Tuesday at 10-12 am. In the City of Bochum, not far away from Dortmund, the Medical Aid Group For Refugees Bochum e.V. as well offer treatment without papers.

Social activites

Get-together Café Welcome, organised by Refugees Welcome DO every second Saturday of the month, 5pm at Nordpol, Münsterstraße 99, 44145 Dortmund-Nordstadt, stop Münstertraße (U47)

German Courses

German courses are offered by Refugees Welcome DO every Wednesday from 3.00 - 5.00 pm and every Saturday from 2.00 - 4.00 pm at Nordpol, Münsterstraße 99, 44145 Dortmund-Nordstadt, stop Münstertraße (U47) Courses are for beginners and advanced learners. They are free and learning material is available on location. There are people who can speak german, english, french and arabic.