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Berlin is the capital of Germany.


Project maps:

Public Transport Berlin

Berlin offers a comprehensive public transport network. Berlins transport association VBB published translated maps to help refugees find their way through Berlin using public transport.

  • Tram (S-bahn) and Metro (U-Bahn) Routemaps: PDF Download in German or Arabic

As of October 28th 2015, registered refugees in Berlin are entitled to a "Welcome to Berlin-Ticket" so that they can use the Berlin transport system for three months. The tickets are handed out at the three points of registration at Turmstrasse, Kruppstrasse and Bundesallee and cost €26, which will be deducted directly from the monthly benefit of €143. (PDF file in German)

What do I have to keep in mind when it comes to public transport? ما الذي يتوجب عليّ مراعاته في المواصلات العامة؟
You can only travel on trains and buses with a valid ticket. Please note: You have to buy your ticket before your journey. You can also buy a ticket from the bus driver. Some tickets have to be validated on the platform or in the vehicle (by stamping them in a small-box-like device). You can use more than one means of transport with your ticket. For example you can switch from a train to a bus. يحق لك استخدام القطارات والباصات بتذكرة صالحة.انتباه: عليك شراء التذكرة قبل الركوب. في الباص تستطيع أيضا شراءها من السائقة أو السائق. يتوجب إبطال أو ختم بعض البطاقات على رصيف المحطة أو داخل المركبة.تستطيع بتذكرتك الانتقال إلى وسائط النقل الأخرى أيضا، من القطار إلى الباص مثلا.
Where can I buy tickets? أين يمكنني شراء التذاكر؟
Tickets should be bought before your trip at ticket counters, from ticket machines (cash or cash card), as well as at travel agencies. You can only use public transport with a valid ticket. In some vehicles, such as buses, you can buy a ticket from the driver for cash. Some of the tickets have to be validated on the platform or in the vehicle using a ticket validating machine (a little box-like device). يتوجب عليكم شراء التذاكر قبل سفركم من شباك التذاكر أو الأجهزة الاوتوماتيكية لبيع التذاكر,(نقدا او باستخدام بطاقة الائتمان –EC Card,) وكذلك من وكالات السفر. حيث لا يجوز لكم استخدام وسائط النقل العامة من غير تذكرة صالحة. في بعض وسائط النقل مثل الباصات تستطيعون شراء التذاكر نقدا من السائق. بعض التذاكر يجب إبطالها أو ختمها في المحطة أو داخل المركبة عن طريق جهاز إبطال البطاقات أو ختمها.
What I can take for free? ما الذي أستطيع نقله بتذكرتي في وسائط النقل العامة مجانا؟
Children under the age of six generally travel for free on all public transport. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 can get tickets at reduced prices. With your ticket, you can bring along a pram, a dog and luggage free of charge. If you would like to bring a bicycle on the train or ferry, an additional bicycle tariff ticket is required. سافر الأطفال حتى سن السادسة بشكل عام في جميع وسائط النقل العامة مجانا. ويحصل الأطفال إبتداء من يوم الميلاد السادس وحتى تمام سن الرابعة عشرة على تذاكر مخفضة السعر. تستطيعون بتذكرتكم نقل عربة أطفال، كلب وأمتعة مجانا. أما إذا أردتم نقل دراجة في القطار او العبارة فإنكم تحتاجون إلى تذكرة إضافية بتعريفة الدراجة.
Who can help me if I have questions? ممن أطلب المساعدة إذا كانت لدي أسئلة؟
The staff members at stations, in vehicles and at customer centres would be happy to help you. You can easily recognise them by their uniforms.The information centre, which provides information on local traffic in German and English, can be reached on (030) 25 41 41 41.The customer service centres also provide information in both German and English. لعاملات والعاملون في المحطات وفي وسائط النقل وكذلك خدمة الزبائن يساعدونك بكل سرور. يمكنك التعرف عليهم بسهولة من ملابسهم الرسمية الموحدة

Quoted from, (06.10.2015)

Airport Berlin-Schönfeld

One of five airports in Germany with Airport-Application process for arriving refugees.

Local Projects

Platforms, networks, project data bases

  • Work for Refugees – platform that provides free job-hunting assistance for refugees in Berlin. In German, English, Arabic and French.
  • refugeeboard – refugee projects and initiatives in Berlin

charitree - platform to showcase and connect refugee projects in Berlin

Projects and initiatives

Baitona - find a home

Foos4Friends - playing football table for integration
Migration Hub Network - free co-working space

Flü - International Café in the Refugee Church St. Simeon

querstadtein - arrive in Berlin

Arriving in Berlin - a map made by refugees

ref.connect - language network

Refugee Club Impluse - theatre dance, film and other forms of art

to.gather e.V. - provide support for refugees

Über den Tellerrand kochen e.V. - integration through cooking Spendensammlungen für geflüchtete in Berlin

Berliner Willkommen konkret Bündnis für Kinder geflüchteter Familien

Friedrichshagen hilft

Volunteer planner - helps organizing volunteer work in several accomodations in Berlin and one in Mannheim


Public Libraries

Refugees with a temporary residence permit or lodging certificate can get a free membership card for the public libaries in Berlin for three months. This allows cardholders to visit all 67 public libraries in Berlin and to use their services. They can read and borrow books and other media, use computers, the internet and wifi (PDF-file in English, PDF-file in Arabic, Press release in German, Overview of all libraries sorted by district in German).

Higher Education

The universities of Berlin arranged special guest student programmes and German language courses for refugees eligible to attend university to continue their studies or to prepare for studying in Berlin/Germany. Most classes are taught in German or English.

PDF-file in Arabic) and a German language course starting November 16th at their Studienkolleg (further information in German/English PDF-file).


Radio Refugee

The radio news program Radio Refugee is available in Berlin via UKW 96,3 MHz (rbb).


Freifunk provides free wifi from many hot spots all over the city.

Medical aid for refugees

Büro für medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe - A local group of Medibüro
Gneisenaustr. 2a
10961 Berlin
[email protected]


Here are some relevant resources related to refugees: