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Find Apps for refugees and people who want to get involved.

Practical apps for refugees


Ankommen a new app by the Bayerische Rundfunk with language course (Audio), can be used offline. See also this Facebook posting Information on the facebook site of BAMF.

Carterro For Refugees

This app provides information for refugees on their way to Europe on where to find help and how to find places, others have gone to.
It also provides the ability for public and private chats for people to support each other. Find out more:

Welcome App

Welcome App is a developing project. The app contains a lot of information for refugees, about Germany and about different cities. At this time you can find the app for Dresden that contains a lot of general information too:


For news apps for refugees check the News for refugees page.

Refugee aid (coming soon)

Apps for communication


Refuchat on iPhone
Refuchat on Android Phone

RefuChat can be used to translate important phrases back and forth in different languages. Just chose a phrase and the app will display it in the other language and can even play a voice speaking the sentence! Language resources are imported from the Refugee Phrasebook Projekt.

Apps to donate

helphelp2 an app to help organizing donations in kind.

GoGive "GoGive makes it easy to locate and donate to refugee centres in your city. By matching you with refugee centres in your area that need the specific items you wish to give away..."

Share the Meal App is an initiative of the UN World Food Programme (WFP). A very easy way to donate and fight hunger.

For donating money, please see here: money donations.